En Transito (2019)

Video portrait of Chilean Photographer Tiare Maldonado Hucke. Short Film premiered at Noah's Ark on the 26th of April 2019.

Noah's Ark is an accummulation of different photographic series that the artist made in her Berlin years; showcasing her inner circle of friends that make part of the Berlin queer scene.

In the exhibition, the photographer seeks to make an analogy between the biblical metaphor of the salvation of different species for the construction of a new life and the current coexistence of different identities.

Tiare Maldonado Hucke is a Chilean artist based in Berlin who studied computer engineering but decided to discipline herself in photography and follow her vocation. Her work stands out for photographing her friends in public and intimate spaces with an analog format (35mm) and the recording of events of daily life that evoke surrealism.